Visit Date From 01-Jan-2012 to 07-Jul-2020

# Department / Sectors No. of Schemes visited by Total visits by Regions
1.Agriculture, GOS122121424271
2.Antiquities, GOS1920021
3.Auqaf, GOS3587858
4.Board of Revenue, GOS41117059
5.Chief Minister Secretariat10001
6.Coal and Energy, GOS60006
7.Community Development Program (CDP)5152058
8.Cooperative, GOS30003
9.Culture, GOS73391820150
10.Education and Literacy, GOS275344110109838
11.Energy, GOS16370053
12.Environment, GOS735015
13.Excise & Taxation, GOS1003013
14.Finance Dept, GOS42006
15.Food, GOS2360029
16.Forest, Wildlife & CDA, GOS8953710159
17.Governor Secretariat, GOS20406
18.Health, GOS3712227167731
19.Home, GOS55353917146
20.Human Rights, GOS2274033
21.Industrial & Commerce, GOS2756240
22.Information & Archives, GOS620210
23.Information, Science & Technology, GOS808117
24.Investment Development, GOS10203
25.Irrigation (Water & Drainage), GOS3701811571637
26.Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, KWSB70108
27.Labour Dept, GOS1182021
28.Law P.A, & Prosecution 3511122280
29.Lining of Main Canals10001
30.Livestock and Fisheries, GOS2381022616382
31.Local Government, GOS3241955970648
32.Manpower & Employment, GOS30003
33.Matching Allocation30003
34.Mega Schemes for Karachi City7017024
35.Mines & Minerals, GOS61108
36.Minorities & Affairs, GOS21133845
37.Physical Planning & Housing (Buildings), GOS1750022
38.Planning & Development, GoS24303562
39.Population Welfare, GOS503715
40.Provincial Assembly20002
41.Provincial Ombudsman, GOS22004
42.Public Health Engineering, GOS1802952280577
43.Rehabilitation (PDMA), GOS11013
44.Rural Development, GOS29331265
45.S.G.A.and Coordination, GOS261724875
46.Sindh Board of Investment (SBI)42107
47.Sindh Revenue Board10001
48.Social Protection & Poverty Reduction01001
49.Social Welfare, GOS1266327
50.Special Initiatives Unit, GOS425950106
51.Sports & Youth Affairs, GOS67382816149
52.STEVTA, GOS43007
53.Thar Coal Infrastructure Development3802040
54.Tourism, GOS1210013
55.Transport & Comm. (Roads), GOS3673248
56.Universities and Boards42017
57.Women Development, GOS1391225
58.Work and Service, GOS45754726651095
TOTAL 3223 2467 608 639 6937